Create Unique Custom Hockey Gifts

Personalize unique hockey gifts, perfect for that special someone.

New! Custom Hockey Photo Canvas

Canvas prints are a classy and easy way to decorate any wall with memories that last a lifetime

Custom Hockey Pucks

Design your own with our Hockey Puck Customizer!
Upload your own images, add text, colors +more.

New On-Ice Store!

Looking for on-ice products like Tape, De-Icer, and more?


Put your hockey photos on canvas with ease here on our website.

PuckStyle Custom Hockey Pucks

Design your own Game Puck. Upload your own image or use our customizer. 

PuckStyle Custom Hockey Gifts

Put a smile on any hockey fan’s face. Customize your own design or upload your own image.

New! PuckStyle Hockey On-Ice Store

Looking for Hockey Tape, De-Icer Spray, and more on-ice products? Check out!

Design a Custom Hockey Puck in Seconds

It’s never been this easy to design a custom hockey puck online.
Upload your images or use our free graphics!

Design From ScratchCustomize a Template
Hockey Photos Printed on Canvas

PERSONALIZE Your Hockey Photos on  Canvas in SECONDS

Game photos, team photos, player portraits, or any other hockey photos you might have will work GREAT on a high quality custom canvas!  Make yours in minutes!

Personalize even more with custom text, to add player names, or other messages to make your prints one of a kind.


About PuckStyle

PuckStyle Was Founded By Hockey Players, For Hockey Players, and Fans Alike.

Support the Hockey Lifestyle and Create Your Own PuckStyle! 


Made from Real, 100% REGULATION Hockey Pucks!

Our hockey pucks are 100% authentic. They are made from the same rubber that the real hockey game pucks are made from. Our custom hockey pucks are the official regulation size, weight, and material.

From the rigid sides to the words embossed on the side of the pucks, these pucks are 100% legit game pucks.


PuckStyle offers a truly unique user experience. Use our customizer tool to add your own pictures, text, and logos.

This option provides endless color combinations, patterns, backgrounds, and anything you upload can be combined for limitless creativity. If you’re not sure what you want to create, save your file and come back later to finish it. If you’re looking for the perfect hockey puck option, look no further. PuckStyle has you covered!

HAND CRAFTED in the USA & Canada

Our hockey pucks are hand-crafted with your custom prints right here in the USA and Canada! 

We use real vulcanized rubber from real hockey pucks to make our mini accessories and we hand print the adhesive graphics for accessories and direct prints for custom hockey pucks.  Our unique catalog is a combination of real pucks and hand crafted personalized goodness.

Create Custom Hockey Pucks & Hockey Gifts

Welcome to PuckStyle, where you can easily design your own custom hockey pucks in minutes online! We also have hockey canvas prints made with archival 100+ year varnish. Check out our custom pucks and other special hockey gifts. This is the #1 website in the world to create the perfect and unique gifts for any hockey player or hockey fan!


We were founded by avid hockey players, which is why we love that our products are made out of REAL pucks!  We have spent lots of time on the ice.  To learn more about our story, visit our About PuckStyle page here.

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Fresh on the Scene: Custom Hockey Pucks!

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Hockey Is For Everyone

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