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Custom Hockey Pucks - Design Your Own Hockey Puck!
The official hockey puck bottle opener!
PuckStyle Hockey Puck Necklace

Create Custom Hockey Pucks and Gifts

Welcome to PuckStyle, where you can easily design your own custom hockey pucks in minutes online! We also have hockey accessories made from REAL pucks, wearable as a necklace or bracelet. Check out our custom pucks as keychains and golf ball markers for more special hockey gifts. Perfect and unique gifts for any hockey player or hockey fan!

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Real Custom Pucks – Big and Small

Our hockey pucks are 100% authentic. They are made from the same rubber that game pucks are made from. Our custom hockey pucks are the official regulation size, weight, and material. Our mini pucks (bracelets, necklaces, key chains) are the size of a U.S quarter and incorporate a real hockey skate lace. Every detail of our hockey pucks has been taken into consideration. From the rigid sides to the word “official” printed on the side of the pucks, we want to make the puck as real as possible for you.

#1 Puck Designer Online!

PuckStyle offers a truly unique user experience. Use our customizer tool to add your own pictures, text, and logos. This option provides endless color combinations, patterns, backgrounds, and anything you upload can be combined for limitless creativity. If you’re not sure what you want to create, save your file and come back later to finish it. If you’re looking for the perfect hockey puck option, look no further. PuckStyle has you covered!

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