Hockey Stick Blade Deicer


PuckStyle Hockey Stick Blade Deicer prevents ice from building up on your hockey stick blade during games and practices. Melts ice and snow on contact. See below for more details.

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The world’s first and only Hockey Stick Blade Deicer exclusively from PuckStyle.

  • Designed to immediately breakdown snow and ice
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • -76 (F) freezing point
  • Kid/Environmentally friendly
  • Non toxic, non flammable liquid
  • Reduces snow/ice build up on the stick blade
  • Promotes better control of the puck

TO APPLY: Tape the stick blade first. Spray each side of the stick blade 3-5 times. Let the hockey stick blade deicer soak into the tape.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Spray 5-10 minutes before each ice session.

OPTIONAL: After spraying the stick blade, use finger or glove to rub deicer into the tape.

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