Custom Hockey Puck


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This is a regulation hockey puck with your own custom print on it.  You can add your own custom design right on our website, using your own pictures, graphics, text, colors, patterns, and more! Just press “Customize” and follow our easy steps to create your custom hockey puck!  Design and save as many as you want for free.  Buy the ones you love. We use the highest quality UV digital ink to showcase your unique design. Our printing process wraps the image just over the entire face of the puck to the beveled side edge. This sets us apart from other printing processes like silk screening or stickers.

Personalization is always included at PuckStyle!

*Please note that while our pucks are 100% authentic regulation game pucks, they are not intended for game use. If you use the custom hockey pucks for game or practice use, you risk damaging the artwork on the puck. PuckStyle will not be held accountable for damaged custom artwork on the pucks if they are used in an on-ice setting.

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