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Performance Hockey tape

(Performance Hockey Tape desigend by hockey players, for hockey players!) 

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performance hockey tape is Here!

Performance Hockey Tape is the only hockey tape designed by the hockey player, for the hockey player. We were sick and tired of bad hockey tape being sold by the same companies and manufacturers. The cloth always gets separated from the adhesive. The tape frays around the outside edges. Durability is sub-par and there’s no feel for the puck. So, we decided to do something about it! We’re confident you’ll love our tape and never go go back to low-quality hockey tape!

What is performance Hockey tape?

This isn’t your same old hockey tape! We spent months doing research and development with our manufacturing company to create our performance hockey tape. We created the perfect combination of thickness, softness and durability. Our hockey tape is thicker and softer than any other hockey tape on the market!  

Improve your game!

Anyone can make a claim that their product is the best. However, not many companies explain why their product is the best and how it makes a difference. Our Performance Hockey Tape can improve your game in a number of different ways. The customized weave has a natural additional thickness that helps promote better puck control. The additional thickness absorbs more shock when the puck touches the hockey stick blade. When testing our hockey tape in European Pro Leagues, professional hockey players reported a higher level of puck control and individual skill with our Performance Hockey Tape. Live testing with professional players also reported a longer lasting tape with more durability throughout games and practices.    

Why Should You Use Our performance hockey tape?

Because you want to use the highest quality hockey tape 100% of the time! Try it out for yourself and let us know your thoughts! We’re claiming that our performance hockey tape is the thickest, softest, most durable cloth hockey tape on the market. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our claims, let us know!


Thickest cloth hockey tape in the world!

Promotes better puck control and confidence.

Custom weave for extra softness

Our hockey tape is super soft. Helps absorb shcok on the stick.

Long Lasting and durable

Our custom weave ensures a longer-lasting and more durable hockey tape

Great Unique Custom Hockey Gift

PuckStyle offers unique custom hockey pucks for hockey fans around the world. Our custom hockey pucks are perfect for anyone looking for a cool gift that is hockey related. These pucks are a great idea as hockey gifts for a friend or personalized memorabilia. No matter the occasion, PuckStyle has custom hockey pucks right for you. Personalization is always included at PuckStyle!

Made from Real Hockey Pucks! (*Not Meant for Game Play)

*Please note that while our pucks are 100% authentic regulation game pucks, they are not intended for game use. If you use the custom hockey pucks for game or practice use, you risk damaging the artwork on the puck. PuckStyle will not be held accountable for damaged custom artwork on the pucks if they are used in an on-ice setting.