PuckStyle Hockey Stick Blade Deicer PuckStyle Hockey Stick Blade Deicer 

Hockey Stick Blade Deicer

(The World’s First and ONLY Hockey Stick Blade Deicer Spray for Hockey Players!) 

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Hockey Stick Blade Deicer is Here!

The world’s first and only hockey stick blade deicer is here! Designed by hockey players, for hockey players. We were sick and tired of scraping off the snow and ice build-up on our stick blades with the thumb of our hockey gloves or the side of the boards. Before and after every shift of every game. Before and after every drill of every practice. So, we decided to do something about it!

What is Hockey Stick Blade Deicer?

Our hockey stick blade deicer spray is specifically formulated to bond with the hockey tape on your stick blade (See our Performance Hockey Tape). It immediately begins to breakdown the snow and ice build-up on your stick blade during practices and games. Essentially, it melts snow and ice on contact when it hits your stick blade. Our hockey stick blade deicer has a freezing point of -76(F)/-60(C) so you’re good to go on any playing surface. The deicer spray is non-toxic, non-flammable and environment friendly.

Axe The Wax!

Wax is for skiers, not hockey players! Think about it for a second…Why do skiers put wax on their skis? To prevent friction between their skis and the surface of the snow. Right? This makes them go down the slopes faster. But, hockey players want to promote friction between the tape on their stick and the surface of the puck. More friction between the tape and the pucks promotes better puck control. Wax does not prevent snow and ice build-up on the hockey stick blade. Only our hockey stick blade deicer does that!

Why Should You Use Our Hockey Stick Blade Deicer?

It’s all about confidence with the puck on your stick. Any advanced hockey player will tell you that puck control is critical to success and making it to the next level. By melting snow and ice on contact, our hockey stick blade deicer spray promotes better puck control. Again, hockey players want the puck to be in direct contact with their hockey tape — without a layer of snow and ice in between that makes the puck slide off the stick blade.

How Does The Deicer Spray Work?

Our revolutionary hockey puck deicer spray melts snow and ice on contact. This prevents snow and ice build-up on your hockey stick blade. It promotes better puck control by keeping your hockey tape in direct connection with the hockey puck.


Melts snow and ice on contact

Prevents snow and ice build-up on your hockey stick blade

Non-toxic, non-flammable, environment friendly

Custom forulation with -76(F)/-60(C) freezing point

Promotes better puck control

Keep your tape in contact with the puck — not snow and ice

Great Unique Custom Hockey Gift

PuckStyle offers unique custom hockey pucks for hockey fans around the world. Our custom hockey pucks are perfect for anyone looking for a cool gift that is hockey related. These pucks are a great idea as hockey gifts for a friend or personalized memorabilia. No matter the occasion, PuckStyle has custom hockey pucks right for you. Personalization is always included at PuckStyle!

Made from Real Hockey Pucks! (*Not Meant for Game Play)

*Please note that while our pucks are 100% authentic regulation game pucks, they are not intended for game use. If you use the custom hockey pucks for game or practice use, you risk damaging the artwork on the puck. PuckStyle will not be held accountable for damaged custom artwork on the pucks if they are used in an on-ice setting.